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“Go for the green” is your motto to heartily welcome golf players? Trust Reservation Assistant to delight your guests with exceptional services.

With Reservation Assistant you not only administer your golf courses effectively but also your golf shop. Coordinate tee-times, reserve equipment for your guests, create courses and include golf units into packages – Reservation Assistant with its “Golf Management” module helps you with all that.

Interfaces seamlessly link your golf area to other departments. Thus, your guests´ purchases in the golf shop are automatically charged to the hotel bill and settled collectively. The system also coordinates reservations for spa treatments with booked tee times and does not allow two reservations for the same time. It´s on you to offer lovers of a special sport a special experience.

Does tennis, bowling or camel riding come first for you? Even in these cases Reservation Assistant enables you to enchant your sporty guests. The spa & activity software administers your entire sport facilities – no matter how extraordinary they may be.