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Watch video tutorial on major PMS functions in protel

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How protel hotel software works

protel video tutorials give you a glimpse of how our products works. Let us walk you through some standard front office workflows in protel. Of course, our real-life hotelier industry examples represent only a small fraction of protel’s many features. Experience the protel look and feel as well as how it works. You’ll recognize all the controls from classic Windows applications. Familiar processes and displays of protel hotel software will make you and your team feel right at home in the protel universe. Your benefit: protel can be introduced effortlessly and thus immediately put to productive use.

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Watch our demo videos:

Learn all about the protel room plan feature and discover how to enter a reservation for a particular room quickly and easily. You’ll practice entering data for guests and reservations. You’ll also learn how to relocate guests in the room plan.

Video: Make reservation via room plan

Learn how to check availabilities in all categories at a glance and make room reservations quickly and easily in the room type plan.

Video: Make reservation via room type plan

Video tutorial group reservations part 1: learn how to make a group reservation in the room type plan, how to assign rooms to a group and how to handle name alternations.

Video: Group reservation, part 1

Video tutorial group reservations part 2: learn how to administer all the group’s reservations easily and reliably by creating a joint account for the group, selecting routing instructions and determining how they are applied.

Video: Group reservation , part 2