protel Sales & Marketing

Manage your sales & marketing in effective way

protel Sales & Marketing

Customer relationship management tool for hotels

  • Expansion module for the protel Front Office software
  • Easy integration with the protel product suite
  • More efficient planning and management of sales and marketing activities

You are unable to market to your customers if you do not know them well. That’s why your success depends on targeted sales and marketing activities and comprehensive customer relationship management. protel Sales & Marketing gives you total visibility into what your guests need and want. Improve your bottom line with focused campaign management and attractive customer loyalty programs!

As optional expansion module for the protel Front Office software, protel Sales & Marketing integrates seamlessly with the protel product suite. It doesn’t matter whether you use protel SPE, our solution for large individual hotels, or manage hotel chains and groups with protel MPE – protel Sales & Marketing interacts flawlessly with all Front Office features.

You and your employees will have direct access to the information stored in the central database from anywhere in the system, translating into more efficient planning and management of sales and marketing activities. Thanks to automatic analyses, customer groups can be quickly matched with special offer mailings or invitations. This is a perfect way to stay in close touch with your customers!

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