protel Messenger

Automatic messages sent to guests directly from protel

protel Messenger

Automatic messages sent directly from protel

Short, fast and easy: With protel Messenger hotel departments and guests stay in touch.

  • „Your room is now ready!“
    Automatic text to your guest as soon as the room status changes to „clean“ in protel
  • „Mrs. Johnson is checking in! (VIP-7)“
    Automatic text to the hotel manager when a VIP guest checks in
  • „Happy Birthday Mrs. Neil!”!“
    Automatic text to a birthday guest currently in-house
  • „Did you enjoy your stay with us?“
    Automatic text message to guests who checked out two days ago, e.g. with protel Survey
  • „We’re looking forward to your stay. Here are directions to our hotel…“
    Automatic message to a guest one day before his arrival with a link to a map
  • „Your taxi is now waiting for you in front of the hotel.“
    Message from the front desk to the guest
  • “New work order. Please check your task list for details.”
    Automatic text to the janitor when a new maintenance order has been created in protel
  • And many, many more …

With protel Messenger, you can create and send e-mails or text messages automatically or manually via protel. Whether time-controlled or triggered by a specific event – simply set the rules and determine whom to send what message to and when.