Protel Business Intelligence

powerful management tool to support strategic business planning

protel Business Intelligence

Hotel management tool for strategic business planning for individual hotels or hotel chains.

  • Web-based hotel management tool
  • Extracts data directly from protel PMS
  • Analyses historical and forecast figures
  • Integrated with MS Excel

protel Business Intelligence (protel BI) is a powerful management tool developed to support strategic business planning for individual hotels or hotel chains. Skillful decision making will always balance experience and intuition, facts and figures. protel Business Intelligence extracts data about the hotel operations directly from your protel PMS and delivers those vital pieces of information you need to make the right decision at a glance. protel BI offers you the knowledge you need to empower strategic decision making.

protel Business Intelligence Features:

  • protel BI displays critical info in easy-to-read graphics, assembled from data pulled daily from the protel PMS.
  • protel BI covers the modules protel Front office (including Sales Ledger), protel Sales & Marketing (including master profiles and task analyses) and protel Conference & Banqueting.
  • protel BI is an easy-to-use tool to evaluate and compare data in order to answer complex questions like: “How many room nights did I enter daily in February 2010 for May 2010″, compared to the number of room nights entered daily in February 2011 for May 2011.
  • Figures can be sliced and diced in order to obtain the most significant view.
  • Analysis models show historical and forecast figures in the same report.
  • Drill-down capabilities allow to dig into the data down to the deepest level of information.
  • Multidimensional charts can be created automatically from any analysis model.
  • Analysis models can be shown as pivot tables, as charts or both.
  • In MPE environments, figures can be shown by hotel and by any other dimension at the same time.
  • In MPE environments, BI cubes can be created per single hotel or per clusters of hotels.
  • Data are presented by a web based graphic user interface.
  • Integration with MS Excel allows the creation of dynamic Excel sheets and dashboards.
  • The datacube is automatically updated from the protel database every night.
  • The datacube update can be forced manually at any time.
  • The multidimensional analysis models are freely definable by the user through more than 260 available measure types (revenues, room nights, stays, activities, KPIs and so on) and more than 170 dimensions (customer types and details, reservation variables and details, marketing segmentations and so on).

protel Business Intelligence Facts and Specs :

protel BI is a web-based management tool available for protel SPE and MPE installations based on SQL.

protel Business Intelligence (protel BI) retrieves all data on your business transactions directly from your protel hotel management system. The tool analyses both current and historical data, which, viewed seperately, have little informative value, and generates a comprehensive system of interdependent and complementing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

protel Bi integrates and compiles the data and facts of your business and visualises interrelations and dependencies, for instance, in form of pivot tables, charts and scorecards.

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