protel IDS connect

Connect 2 way to IDS reservation systems

protel provides an ever-growing number of interfaces to connect internet distribution systems to protel hotelsoftware. The interface family protel IDS connect permits the comfortable and central administration of several IDS platforms in only one place. The smooth one- or two-way integration with protel allows the comfortable and economical management of several connections directly from protel. Hotels which use the comfortable pricing structure of protel can also use their complete online sales strategy without additional costs.

protel IDS Connect user interface


protel IDS connect eliminates the labor and time intensive process of updating the CRS with the latest rates and availability decisions manually. In addition, by automating this process, it greatly reduces the potential for errors while providing hotels with more accurate, up-to the minute rates and availability.

IDS Connect features

Once set up, the protel IDS connect manages the data exchange between protel SPE or MPE and any distribution systems:

  • connecting IDS including multi-channel systems
  • setting up of all IDS instances in neat dialogue windows
  • matching protel master data and respective IDS data
  • exporting availabilities, rates and minimal lengths of stay
  • importing reservations
  • monitoring data exchange (availabilities & reservations)
  • providing all status information at a glance
  • providing a booking history
  • sending of e-mail-notifications
  • allowing web-based or local administration

IDS Connect: Controlling rate availabilities

protel IDS connect allows highly flexible pricings for the online distribution as well. In addition to calculating fixed rates based on protel rate types you can also determine cumulative prices by using price groups. As a result you can use protel’s rate availability function to change even online rates on a daily basis.

IDS Connect: Controlled export of availabilities

protel IDS connect allows the export of all availabilities according to the room type plan for all room types set up. It is also possible to define time limits and allotments.