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Happy Guests are Loyal Guests

Completely satisfied, every need met – every guest enjoys reminiscing about a great hotel experience. But as a hotelier, how can you know what your guests expect if you don’t ask? protel Survey, the new cloud-based guest survey tool by protel hotelsoftware, is an intuitive tool designed to help hoteliers understand wants and needs of their guests.
protel Survey      Measure guest satisfaction with protel Survey


The best advertisement any hotelier could ask for is accolades from satisfied guests. Hotel reviews, especially those posted on the Internet, have become an important booking criterion for many travellers. A good review from one guest can positively influence the hotel choice made by other travellers. Guest satisfaction can even pay off before their stay has ended: Guests who are enjoying their stay are more likely to take advantage of other hotel amenities such as the restaurant or spa, which in turn increases hotel revenue. Returning guests and those who make recommendations are an added bonus for the hotel.

This insight is only useful if hoteliers first understand what their guests actually expect of their stay. The simplest and most reliable way to find this out is to ask them. protel Survey lets hoteliers contact their guests individually even before they arrive to find out what they consider particularly important for their stay. If a favourite drink is already waiting upon arrival for example, guests are likely to feel right at home the moment they enter their room. And since the needs and wishes of guests are constantly changing, the answers they provide also help hoteliers create new offers and provide the right service at exactly the right time.