Interface to POS F&B

Make F&B system an integral part of hotel management

F&B & PMS work together!

There is no good PMS solution without F&B interface. With protel you get a two way interface with POS:

  • transfer of guest invoice to room
  • transfer of all POS invoices to protel data base
    … reporting of all F&B revennues are avaulable in protel
  • transfer of data from protel to POS workstation for the benefit of waiter information of the guest(s)

Currently supported local PMS solutions + several international !

  • POS Elektronček, Slovenija
  • Advantik in Micrococktail, Slovenija

  • RI-POS, Croatia
  • SmartPOS, Croatia
  • Holobit, Croatia
  • Europos, Serbia
  • Fusion, Serbia